What we need to do to increase hemp production

For plants, light, carbon dioxide concentration, irrigation, temperature, and humidity are the main factors affecting growth.
In the cultivation of hemp, whether your goal is CBD, hemp oil, hemp textiles or others. Man-made control of the environment makes the output of plants more in line with your expectations.

Having a hight tunnel greenhouse of AX can solve all your problems.

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First, provide a safe space for marijuana to grow.
A good greenhouse that resists natural disasters can better maximize your contribution. A greenhouse that can withstand blizzards and storms, and will not deform under heavy loads, can better protect your property.
The spacing and slope of the arches are designed by the local climate, so it is not easy to accumulate snow and has a strong bearing capacity.

Second, good environmental control.
We all know the importance of temperature for plant growth. An environment that is too cold will reduce the output of plants, and an environment that is too hot will cause plants to produce heat stress or pests.
So in our greenhouse. Equipped with a ventilation system for regular ventilation and cooling. Heating equipment and wet curtains are used to control the temperature in other situations.

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AXgreenhousePBSG007 (2)1

Third, a better light deprivation system
Light deprivation plays a vital role in the cultivation of cannabis.

Whether you’re growing hemp optimized for CBD extraction or trying to maximize the size and speed of your hemp harvests—or both—an automated light deprivation system is a must-have to ensure complete control over the quality of your final product。

Many varieties of hemp rely on photoperiods to determine growth cycles and may require specific periods of light deprivation to achieve the desired plant size, terpene profile, or CBD level. That is why many hemp propagation greenhouses utilize light-proof coatings for specific time periods to mimic the maximize these photoperiods, rather than relying on the natural cycles of the sun and seasons.

Post time: Oct-09-2021

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