Project cases

Glass greenhouse frame construction case

The following is the cooling installation of AX greenhouse glass greenhouse

1. Shade and cooling, using opaque or low light transmittance materials to shade and reduce light, prevent excess solar radiation from entering the greenhouse, which can not only allow the normal growth of crops, but also reduce the temperature of the greenhouse. Shading methods include indoor shading and outdoor shading. The indoor shading system is a support system made of metal wire or plastic wire connected to the frame of glass greenhouse, and the shading net is installed on the supporting film line. Generally use electric control or manual control. Outdoor shade system is installed outside the greenhouse skeleton of a shade skeleton, the shade net is installed on the skeleton, the shade net can be used to pull the curtain mechanism or roll the film mechanism to drive, free open and close. Sunshade net outdoor installation cooling effect is good, can directly block the solar energy outside the greenhouse.

2. Evaporative cooling: Evaporative cooling is to use the unsaturated air in the glass greenhouse and the latent heat of water evaporation to cool down. When the water contained in the air has not reached saturation, the water will evaporate into water vapor into the air, water evaporation at the same time, absorb the heat in the air, reduce the temperature of the air, improve the humidity of the air. In the process of evaporation and cooling, the air flow inside and outside the glass greenhouse will discharge the high temperature and high humidity gases from the greenhouse and replenish the fresh air, so the method of forced ventilation must be adopted. At present, evaporation cooling methods include wet curtain, fan cooling and spray cooling.

Philippine project

Full process of AX Greenhouse installation

Because there are some installation doubts about the installation of the steel main structure of the skeleton, informed to the staff, the staff after-sales service is very timely,  response rapidly , Then I gave the design drawings to the installers by communicating with the staff video repeatedly and checking many times, the subsequent installation is very smooth, the staff is also very patient, after-sales installation is guaranteed. And their company has many years of experience in this industry, with a professional service team, the cooperation process is very pleasant! 

Philippine project

The structure of the Venlo greenhouse is a little more complicated than the traditional greenhouse, but it also has stronger performance characteristics than the traditional greenhouse. The working principle of the Venlo greenhouse also has modern characteristics. The load on the glass directly acts on the longitudinal gutter of the greenhouse, and the gutter directly transmits the force to the column or roof beam node. Therefore, the gutter bears the uniform distribution force and maintenance concentrated load from the roof system, and the external force borne by the roof beam is mainly from the gutter. In addition, the drainage efficiency is higher than that of roof drainage. Venlo glass greenhouse application scenarios: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, nursery glass greenhouse, aquaculture greenhouse, leisure sightseeing greenhouse, ecological picking garden greenhouse, ecological restaurant greenhouse, leisure club greenhouse, scientific research glass greenhouse, high-tech exhibition greenhouse, etc. .

Positive feedback from Colorado customers on polycarbonate panel greenhouses installation and service

Customer feedback:Through contacted to AX greenhouse,First of all we communicated the design issues through Alibaba,then to the back to determine the project case,the construction materials, transport issues and the final construction and installation erection, When project completed I found that they do the quality of engineering and service is really particularly good, fully understand my needs, price quotes clear and clear, some accessories recommended that we purchase locally in Colorado, very professional, other procurement of accessories are their own factory production, the effect is very good, the overall labor costs have also dropped a lot.

Pengzhou Film multi-span tunnel greenhouse

The multi span greenhouse must be familiar to everyone, and its design technology is not very complex. The price and input cost of the linked glass greenhouse can be charged. Let's take you to know the seven advantages of multi span greenhouse construction!
01 characteristics of multi span greenhouse:
Main framework: the framework is made of hot-dip galvanized light steel and connected with hot-dip galvanized fasteners, with a service life of more than 20 years; The top and surrounding are covered with special aluminum profiles, tempered glass and float glass; Assembled structure installation, the light transmittance can reach more than 90; Good corrosion resistance and easy maintenance.
Uses: used for high-grade crop seedling cultivation, high-grade melon, fruit, vegetable and flower cultivation, exhibition and sightseeing, ecological restaurant, etc.
Features: beautiful appearance, smooth vision, good heat preservation performance and light transmittance; It has strong wind and snow resistance and can adapt to various regions, environments and climates.

Pengzhou Saw-tooth greenhouse

02 construction advantages of multi span greenhouse:
1、 Large space.
Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure houses can better meet the requirements of flexible separation of large bays in buildings, and can improve the area utilization rate by reducing the cross-sectional area of columns and using lightweight wallboards, and the indoor effective use area can be increased by about 6%.
2、 Energy saving
The wall adopts light energy-saving standardized H-section steel, C-section steel and square steel sandwich plate, which has good thermal insulation performance, good seismic resistance and energy saving of 50%.
3、 Earthquake resistance and wind resistance
Using steel structure system in residential buildings can give full play to the good ductility of steel structure. It has strong plastic deformation ability and excellent seismic and wind resistance, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of the residence. Especially in the case of earthquake and typhoon disasters, the steel structure can avoid the collapse damage of buildings.
4、 Light weight
The self weight of steel structure system is light, about half of that of concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the foundation cost.
5、 Quick
The construction speed is fast, and the construction period is at least one third shorter than that of the traditional residential system. A 1000 square meter building can be completed in 20 days and five workers.
6、 Environmental protection
During the construction of steel structure residence, the amount of sand, stone and ash is greatly reduced. The materials used are mainly green, recycled or degraded materials. When the building is demolished, most of the materials can be reused or degraded without causing garbage.
7、 Comfortable
Large bay design, indoor space can be divided by multiple schemes, which can meet the different needs of users.

Polycarbonate greenhouse installation

Polycarbonate greenhouse installation

I saw the greenhouse video from Youtube and contacted the customer service staff. It took one month from the communication to the determination of the greenhouse design plan, and the goods did not show material damage after more than one month of international long-distance transportation, and the packaging was very tight. 
Because of our lack of technical skills, they assigned professional technicians to the site to guide the installation, and the greenhouse took four months from the start of construction to completion. 

Chengdu Botanical Gardens Greenhouse Project Case

Aixiang full automatic blackout glass greenhouse project completed

The Scientific research greenhouse project of botanical garden is located in Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, This project case mainly adopts continuous glass Venlo glass greenhouse,the whole glass greenhouse is clean and tidy, Which adopts dust-free and intelligent management, installed with external shading system, internal shading system, fan cooling system, side ventilation system, climate environment monitoring system, 24-hour high-definition monitoring system, etc. The internal all adopt hanging off-ground soilless cultivation system, with rolling benches which with intelligent lifting function, just like a high-tech biochemical laboratory.

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