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  • Happy new year

    Happy new year

    happy new year Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! Please be advised that our office and factory will have the Lunar CNY holiday from 27th Jan. 2022 to 7th Feb.2022.We will get back to work on 7th Feb.2022. For any issue, you ...
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  • Commercial multi-span tomato greenhouse

    Commercial multi-span tomato greenhouse

    Before we start,we may have these questions 1.What is a tomato greenhouse 2.How to build a tomato greenhouse 3.What kind of greenhouse is suit to grow tomatoes 4.When is the best time to start building a tomato greenhouse 5.What equipment setting...
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  • about AX greenhouse

    about AX greenhouse

    As we all know, China is a country with a long cultural heritage. Agricultural production has also continued to grow stronger with the development of technology. In the beginning, we worked in a dilapidated little house....
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