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The skeleton of tunnel plastic film greenhouse construction supports the transparent clear plastic film away from the soil to allow as much sunlight to radiate in to raise the temperature of objects such as soil and crops to meet the photosynthesis and demand for temperature of the crops. Another effect of plastic film is to block the direct convection between the air inside the shed and the outside air, reducing the exchange of heat with the outside air. The following is a brief introduction to the daily maintenance of vegetable greenhouses.

Although the vegetable greenhouse construction is good, but the vegetable greenhouse greenhouse construction needs to pay attention to many matters, especially the choice of greenhouse construction site, vegetable greenhouse greenhouse should be selected in the good shelter from the wind, can face the sun, the terrain is flat, the land is more fertile, good light and smooth ventilation

plastic film greenhouse

The specific requirements:

• Site location: because vegetable greenhouse construction is a relatively large investment in a facility, the use of the term is generally longer, so in order to facilitate management, should be concentrated on building up.
• Sunlight and ventilation: because the main light source of vegetable greenhouse is from solar energy, so the site ventilation sunlight must be good.
• Water level measurement: because vegetables need a lot of water, the requirements of different areas are different, but the water level is too shallow for vegetable greenhouse construction.
• Land measurement: the land is fertile or not directly affects the growth of vegetables, so in the early need to build the land soil quality, so that later to choose varieties and configuration of fertilizers.
•Soil and water conservancy: plastic film tunnel greenhouse is the use of multiple three-dimensional planting to cultivate, so the advantages of good soil environment and water conservancy, will greatly affect the choice of vegetable greenhouse greenhouse construction.

Well, on the daily maintenance of vegetable plastic film greenhouses I will introduce to you here, I hope it will help you. More detailed knowledge, welcome to pay attention to us, or online communication, Aixiang Greenhouse is happy to serve you. 

Post time: Apr-13-2023

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