Based on 15 years of working experience in the greenhouse industry, we have complete technical support to complete various types of greenhouses.
From the purpose of use, whether it is a greenhouse for the production of fruits and vegetables, a greenhouse for seedling research, a greenhouse for sightseeing and leisure, or a greenhouse for personal planting needs, we have experience in design, production and construction.
In terms of greenhouse types, blackout greenhouse, plastic film greenhouse, tunnel greenhouse, PC sheet greenhouse, glass greenhouse, solar greenhouse, we have updated more than ten versions of these products
Every engineer has at least 10 years of working experience in the greenhouse industry.
They know where the limits of the greenhouse are. Therefore, a greenhouse program that conforms to the local geological environment and meteorological climate can be designed.
Generally, after our engineers have obtained enough information. A greenhouse plan dedicated to you will be sent to you within 1 week.
Why is it so fast. This is still based on our rich experience and perfect data sorting ability.
At the beginning of your communication with our salesperson, our engineers began to intervene in this project. Until the confirmation of the greenhouse plan.
To help people build a better greenhouse.

Design (1)

Design (1)




100,000 square meters production glass greenhouse project design
20,000 square meters Propagation Greenhouse project design
60,000 square meters sightseeing-type greenhouse project design
various light steel structure greenhouses design


Graduated from the local school of architecture
Self-study during work and obtain a graduate degree
Studying greenhouse technology in the Netherlands while becoming an exchange student

Number of designer
Number of projects involved
Number of design drawing

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