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We built a tomato greenhouse in this barren land,You might get some inspiration from this video

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  • Ways To Upgrade Normal Greenhouse To HEMP Greenhouse

    Among States of USA, many of them are legalized in cannabis and HEMP. And some European countries, Canada, Thailand are also inclined to get this business legalized. Now the cannabis production is mainly in 2 ways: open land and protected facilities. The protected facili...

  • Greenhouse ventilation in winter and summer

    The greenhouse ventilation can be of two kinds: ·The first type is natural ventilation which is the natural circulation of the air due to open doors and windows. ·The second type of the ventilation is forced ventilation which is the artificial movement of the ...

  • How to grow three crops in one season in a polycarbonate greenhouse

    Have you set up a greenhouse and are happy that cucumbers and tomatoes in it ripen earlier and last longer? Believe me, this is not all that the greenhouse is capable of. You can harvest three crops in one warm season in a greenhouse . Doubt? Now we will tell you how to ...

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