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We built a tomato greenhouse in this barren land,You might get some inspiration from this video

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  • Intelligent greenhouse drip irrigation notes

    Drip irrigation system for greenhouse Smart greenhouse drip irrigation system is conducive to reducing humidity in the shed, maintaining ground temperature, improving fertilizer utilization, reducing fertilizer application, reducing the occurre...

  • What are the characteristics of greenhouse frame structure in agricultural cultivation

    At present, greenhouses are used in ecological restaurants, soilless cultivation, aquaculture, flower growing and other industries. Unlike before when they were used only in agricultural cultivation, there are now many types of greenhouses, each with its own unique advan...

  • Greenhouse Become “Wisdom” Mystery

    With the development of modern science and technology, science and technology has penetrated into various areas of life. Intelligent greenhouse software development focuses on integrating network technology, Internet of things technology, image video technology, remote c...

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