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We built a tomato greenhouse in this barren land,You might get some inspiration from this video

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  • What are the advantages of modern facility agriculture soilless cultivation technology

              Soilless cultivation refers to a cultivation method in which natural soil is not used but a substrate is used or only the substrate is used for seedling cultivation, and the nutrient solution is used for irrigation after planting, which can save land. Since soi...

  • What we need to do to increase hemp production

    For plants, light, carbon dioxide concentration, irrigation, temperature, and humidity are the main factors affecting growth. In the cultivation of hemp, whether your goal is CBD, hemp oil, hemp textiles or others. Man-made control of the environment makes the output of ...

  • Glimpse of multi span greenhouse

    This is a multi-span greenhouse made by AXgreenhouse It is part of a fully functional flower industrial park The park has scientific research, nursery, production, display functions, etc. These three multi-span greenhouses are used for seedling cultivation and production...

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