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We built a tomato greenhouse in this barren land,You might get some inspiration from this video

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  • Two types of suspended sprinkler irrigation systems brief introduction

    There are many common irrigation methods in greenhouses. Drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation, hanging sprinkler irrigation, hydroponic irrigation, spray irrigation, ebb-flow irrigation, etc. These irrigation methods have their own advantages and disadvantages due...

  • A brief introduction about Light Deprivation Greenhouse

    1. The composition of the sunshade system of the greenhouse The main equipment of the system includes geared motors, drive shafts, drive shafts, rack and pinion gears, support hanging wheels, drive side profiles, and curtain lines. ...

  • About the temperature of some greenhouse plants

    In the greenhouse business for so many years. We have solved various problems about greenhouses. With the development of the times, greenhouses have also been applied to various purposes. Used as a shelter, as a tourist residence, as an exhibition venue, etc. However, the main purpose of the gree...

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