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Tunnel Greenhouse

1.Simple structure in all types of greenhouses, easy in installation and maintain.

2.Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion. 15 year using life.

3.Proprietary technology in PE film, thinner more durable. Guaranteed 5 years using life.

4.Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting under comfortable situation. Increasing yield.

5.Cucumbers, tomatoes, yield per 1000㎡ normally  more than 10000kg .

Greenhouse Parameters

Model Width Length(m) Distance between 2 arches Shoulder Height Roof Height
AX-T-F-006 6.0m Customize 1-2.0m 1.2-2.0m 3.0-4.6m
AX-T-F-007 7.0m Customize 1-2.0m 1.2-2.0m 3.2-4.7m
AX-T-F-008 8.0m Customize 1-2.0m 1.2-2.0m 3.3-4.8m
AX-T-F-009 9.0m Customize 1-2.0m 1.2-2.0m 3.4-4.9m
AX-T-F-010 10.0m Customize 1-2.0m 1.2-2.0m 3.5-5.2m

Technical Parameters

Pipe Wind Load Snow Load Plants hanging load Rainfall Covering film
Φ25/32/48/60mm for choice 0.35KN/m^2 0.25KN/m^2 0.15KN/m^2 140mm/h 80-200micro

One-stop Service

Before-sale: Professional sales consultant and engineer provide you the most suitable solutions.

Mid-sale: Update the details for customers for knowing their orders going on.

After-sale: Complete the installation video and drawing. Overseas engineer available for guiding the installation.

Frame Structure Materials

High quality hot-dip galvanized steel structure, Zinc-coating 275 g/m2, service life over 20 years.

All steel materials are field-assembled, no secondary processing required.

The galvanized connectors and fasteners are not rusted for 20 years.

Installation of greenhouse skeleton

Covering Materials

High transparency,
Strong stretchability,
Good insulation performance,
Dust-proof and fog-proof,
long life,
Strong aesthetics


Optional Systems

Cooling System: Cooling Pad

The cooling of greenhouse is achieved by the principle of evaporation and cooling of water. The special made cooling pad can ensure that the water evenly wets the entire cooling pad wall. When the air penetrates the cooling pad medium, it exchanges heat with the water vapor on the surface of the cooling pad to achieve humidification and cooling of the air.

Cooling system: Exhaust Fan

Size: 1380x1380x400m

Power: 1100 w

Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, PH1

Air volume: 44000 m3/h

Noise 60 decibels

Hot-dip galvanized steel frame, stainless steel fan blade

Cooling pad
Fan machine

Ventilation system

The ventilation system is mainly used for gas exchange inside and outside the greenhouse. In order to achieve the purpose of adjusting the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration inside the greenhouse.
Side ventilation or top ventilation system can be selected according to your planting requirements.
One is a manual ventilation system and the other is an electric ventilation system.

Internal Shading System

Anti-fog and anti-drip

Energy-saving and insulation

Water conservation

The curtains are divided into two types, ventilated and insulated. Different types and shading rate of curtains are used as needed. In order to increase the insulation effect in the greenhouse, double inside shading nets can be used.

tunnel film greenhouse
Micro-sprinkler system

Micro-sprinkler System

mainly the irrigation water extracted from the water source, after the appropriate pressure, purification, filtration and other treatment, by the water pipeline into the field irrigation equipment, and finally by the greenhouse field irrigation equipment in the irrigation device of the crop irrigation.

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