What are the characteristics of greenhouse frame structure in agricultural cultivation

At present, greenhouses are used in ecological restaurants, soilless cultivation, aquaculture, flower growing and other industries. Unlike before when they were used only in agricultural cultivation, there are now many types of greenhouses, each with its own unique advantages. This article will explain several types of greenhouses to give you an idea.

Polycarbonate pannel sheet

PC board greenhouse sheds(polycarbonate pannel sheet)are characterized by strong light transmission, UV resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance, while glass board greenhouses are characterized by large light area, uniform light, long use time and high strength. This type of building is made of polycarbonate sheet hollow panel as the covering material. The structure is light and anti-condensation, good lighting, load, heat insulation are good, and beautiful appearance

greenhouse skeleton
greenhouse skeleton

Glass Greenhouse

Glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as the main transparent covering material. This type of construction has the advantages of large lighting area, uniform light, long use time, high strength, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, high light transmission rate, no time decay, etc. The structure of greenhouse shed is simple but can make full use of solar energy, absorb more solar energy, insulation effect and energy storage.

The quality of raw materials is also an important factor affecting the cost of greenhouse sheds, as the saying goes, a penny for every penny, which means that the price of good construction materials will be higher. The cost of building a greenhouse will vary depending on the materials used. For example, some frames are made of galvanized steel pipe, and some are made of galvanized iron steel. The price difference between these two types of steel is still significant.

At present, there are various kinds of greenhouses for buyers to be dazzled, but understanding their main types can make the selection easier, and many types or materials of greenhouses can not be used in different climates, so it is important to find the right general direction to select.

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