What are the characteristics and advantages of greenhouse skeleton

Greenhouse technology as a national sunshine project, in recent years in the vast number of rural areas have been generally developed, so that the implementation of the project for the city, the land of the vegetable blue and rural economic development has made a great contribution to the cultivation of Huu, has now developed to rice seedling, livestock and poultry winter feeding and protection, etc., while the skeleton of the greenhouse produced by our company can also be used for simple construction sites, grassland yurt, simple warehouse, water Farming, etc. 

Plastic greenhouse has become the majority of vegetable farmers, flower farmers, a variety of breeding and planting households to get rich quickly, but in the promotion of the application has not been able to solve the traditional bracket in the plastic greenhouse several problems.

greenhouse steel pipe

Problem one: short life, high cost, plastic greenhouses around the country more bamboo structure, cement components and steel skeleton, but in the greenhouse specific high temperature, climax environment, bamboo and wood easy to corrode, lighting and span of the greenhouse have an impact, cement components cost less, but the weight is too heavy, short life, while the cost of steel is too high, easy to rust in the environment of the greenhouse climax, thermal conductivity fast easy to bake film.


Problem two: due to the arbitrary nature of the production of roc skeleton, the middle need to add pillars, affecting the operation of the shed and the use of area, can not play the lighting effect, in view of the above-mentioned a variety of reasons, our company after many years and a number of research institutions at great expense to develop a plastic-plated composite material mechanism skeleton.

Advantages of our greenhouse skeleton

Product advantages:

1、With several inexpensive ordinary chemical as raw materials, raw materials are easy to obtain, simple production process, with low prices, high strength, good water resistance, corrosion and aging resistance, etc., due to the use of the latest plastic-plated composite technology, the service life of up to 10-15 years or more.

2、Smooth surface, will not damage the shed film by friction with the shed film, no heat conduction, no baking film, no deformation of the acute cold and hot bracket.

3、No need for pillar in the middle, greatly increase the cultivation area, save labor, can be mechanically cultivated, increase the effectiveness of work.

4、The use of mechanical production, greatly improving production efficiency.

5、Many kinds. Can be produced according to the needs of users: round, oval, rectangular, plastic-plated and other specifications of the skeleton, the length, height, curvature, thickness of the produced skeleton can be arbitrarily adjusted.

greenhouse skeleton
greenhouse pipe

Want to better use greenhouse materials, but also need to fully understand, and master the role of this greenhouse building materials materials, for you in the construction of greenhouses,  to bring a certain amount of help.

Post time: Aug-02-2022

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