Two types of suspended sprinkler irrigation systems brief introduction

There are many common irrigation methods in greenhouses.

Drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation, hanging sprinkler irrigation, hydroponic irrigation, spray irrigation, ebb-flow irrigation, etc.

These irrigation methods have their own advantages and disadvantages due to their own limitations.

The goals of these irrigation methods are water, fertilizer, and cost savings.

Drip irrigation

Next, briefly explain the characteristics of hanging sprinkler irrigation

Hanging sprinkler irrigation does not occupy the production area of ​​the greenhouse and does not affect the operation of other machines. It is the first choice for multi-span greenhouses.

Hanging sprinkler irrigation machines are divided into self-propelled sprinkler irrigation machines and disc sprinkler irrigation machines according to their functions and water supply transmission structure.

movable automated overhead spinkler irrigation system2
movable automated overhead spinkler irrigation system

Self-propelled sprinkler irrigation machine

The running track is hung on the upper part of the greenhouse through a hanging pipe, adopts a vertical water supply (end side water supply) method, uses flexible water supply hoses and flexible cables to supply water and power to the sprinkler irrigation machine, and the water supply hose and power supply cable that move with the running mechanism of the sprinkler irrigation machine pass through the pulley Suspended on the running track to expand or collapse.

The sprinkler can use a transfer system to transfer from one span to another. Generally, a self-propelled sprinkler irrigation machine can meet the sprinkler irrigation tasks of 3 regions.

Features: the water supply hose will accumulate in the water supply section. The running track is stressed and easily deformed, and the nozzle area is underutilized. The running length generally does not exceed 70 meters.

Disc sprinkler irrigation machine

The running track of the disc sprinkler irrigation machine is installed on the lattice frame of the greenhouse truss through a hanging pipe. The sprinkler irrigation machine trolley and the large plate are suspended on the double-track pipe on the upper part of the greenhouse, and controlled by a combination of logic signals. The power supply mode is the end side power supply, and the power supply cable does not follow the sprinkler to move.The water supply pipe of the sprinkler irrigation machine adopts a hose to bypass the sprinkler irrigation plate along the track and is connected to the water supply module under the walking trolley. The walking trolley and the sprinkler irrigation plate have a multi-transmission structure to move relative to each other on the track.

Features: long irrigation distance and sufficient space for sprinkler irrigation. Used in small greenhouses to large multi-span greenhouses with a length of 190 meters. It needs one cross one.

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