Performance of smart pc sheet greenhouse construction

Polycarbonate Greenhouse(PC board greenhouse)

In the intelligent polycarbonate sheet greenhouse construction structure, due to the need for structure and installation equipment, the intelligent greenhouse construction enclosure structure often consists of a variety of materials.

Greenhouse construction enclosure structure, in addition to the large area of light-covering materials, also includes the bottom brick wall, concrete ring beam, exterior metal column, plastic film or alloy greenhouse frame system, supporting the external light-covering materials, roof frame system, etc. Due to the different types of greenhouse construction building materials, their thermal conductivity and insulation properties are also different.

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The heat insulation performance of hollow solar panel determines its important role in the development of intelligent greenhouse construction.

With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, the pc panel industry will continue to bring new things that will reach the needs of social and economic development and play a light and heat for people's happiness.

Well, about the performance of the intelligent polycarbonate panel greenhouse construction is shared with you here, thank you for reading, we will see you next time.

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The control system of polycarbonate panel intelligent greenhouse construction is based on the Internet of Things technology, through a variety of wireless sensors, real-time collection of production site light, temperature, humidity, agricultural products growth conditions and other information, remote monitoring of the production environment, the collected parameters and information digitized, real-time collection and integrated transmission network platform, the use of agricultural intelligent system for timing processing, according to the requirements of the indicators, quantitative positioning cloud computing, to achieve the intelligence and automation of the agricultural production process.

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