Intelligent greenhouse drip irrigation notes

Drip irrigation system for greenhouse

Smart greenhouse drip irrigation system is conducive to reducing humidity in the shed, maintaining ground temperature, improving fertilizer utilization, reducing fertilizer application, reducing the occurrence of diseases within the shed, preventing the spread of soil-borne diseases, saving labor and energy, and improving yields and benefits. In recent years, the use of smart greenhouse drip irrigation has been increasing in our city, but the following matters should be noted in the application process

drip irrigation system
greenhouse skeleton

Frame Structure Materials

Install drip irrigation system to ensure that the control area of each section of the main tube is basically not more than half an acre. Also the ground in contact with each hose is flat to ensure smooth water flow. The holes in the drip tape are usually laid upwards and used after covering the ground with film. If you don't need to cover the ground with film, you can lay the holes of the drip irrigation tape downwards.

Smart Greeenhouse Drip Irrigation System

To prevent the accumulation of sediment and other impurities in the pipe and cause blockage, release the drip irrigation belt and the end of the main pipe one by one and increase the flow rate to flush. When changing the crop, remove the equipment and store it properly in a cool place.

Use clean water source, no suspended matter larger than 0.8 mm in the water, otherwise add a net filter to purify the water. Filtering is generally not necessary when using tap water and well water. When installing and operating in the field, be careful not to scratch or poke the drip irrigation belt or main pipe. Fertilizer should continue to be irrigated with clear water for a general period of time after application to prevent chemicals from accumulating in the air and clogging the orifice.

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