Greenhouse ventilation in winter and summer

The greenhouse ventilation can be of two kinds:

·The first type is natural ventilation which is the natural circulation of the air due to open doors and windows.

·The second type of the ventilation is forced ventilation which is the artificial movement of the air masses by means of various devices which is the fan in our case.

·The fans for the greenhouses can perform different type of tasks such as: ·The humidification and cooling of air as well as ventilation of the greenhouse in the summer period.

·The ventilation of the greenhouse from moist air during winter period.

·The circulation of warm air from the heaters inside the greenhouse.

·The year-round ventilation process.

As the result to choose the right fan you have to know that it depends from the specific task that will be used in your individual option.

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Greenhouse ventilation in winter

Most often all the cracks are blocked in order to keep the heat before frosts in the greenhouse. But for the greenhouse in winter period the ventilation is needed to get rid of moist air which adversely affects the growth of plants and creates the favorable climate for various dangerous diseases. It is enough sufficiently short airing for approximately five up to ten minutes to refresh the climate inside the greenhouse. And we are talking not about ventilating through the ventilator or the door. We are talking about the fan.

During the winter and autumn period it is highly recommended to use the fan and good air circulation because it make possible to get rid of such problems as fogging or condensation on the walls of the greenhouse. You have to know that some of these phenomena are called the greenhouse effect but it is not entirely correct.

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Greenhouse ventilation in summer

Greenhouse Fan Vostermans 2

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