Greenhouse Become “Wisdom” Mystery

With the development of modern science and technology, science and technology has penetrated into various areas of life.

Intelligent greenhouse software development focuses on integrating network technology, Internet of things technology, image video technology, remote control and other systems into a functional system, aiming at the demand of extensive application in current greenhouse planting and farm planting.

For the development of smart agriculture, smart agriculture system is the essential backbone.

smart greenhouse
Soilless Cultivation
Soilless Cultivation

What does smart agriculture mean?

Smart greenhouse is to apply the Internet of things technology to traditional agriculture and change the traditional cultivation of "depending on the weather"

It USES sensors and software to monitor and control the agricultural production environment through mobile phone applets or computer platforms.

Change traditional agriculture, let agricultural plant have "wisdom" more.

Soilless Cultivation

Intelligent greenhouse software development function

1. Data collection system: data collection is the collection of air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, soil PH value, soil EC value, carbon dioxide, light and other data of the growing environment of crops in the agricultural planting environment.

2. Remote control system: for example, the current greenhouse planting technology or some field irrigation, the use and management of the hardware equipment of the remote planting site can be controlled by remote control directly through mobile phones or computers.

3. Remote monitoring system: real-time view of crop growing environment, on-site video collection, and remote monitoring can also ensure the normal operation of crop growing environment.

4. Food traceability: integrated production and marketing of smart agriculture, food traceability can establish perfect food traceability tracking for each commodity produced in the farm, so as to ensure the safety of products from source to sales.

5. Planting technology information: latest agricultural production, planting technology, supply and demand information of agricultural products, learning agricultural knowledge to improve planting management technology.

smart greenhouse
smart greenhouse
smart greenhouse

The role of intelligent greenhouse development

Agricultural science and technology production, intensive: our agricultural production levels compared with Europe and the United States in the intensive degree or slightly behind, through the software development, wisdom agriculture more high-tech products in the field of agricultural technology to put into production can promote China's agricultural science and technology, intensive, promote the modernization of agricultural production.

The era of agricultural big data: through the collection and monitoring of real-time data, such as the growth cycle of plants and the monitoring record of pest cycle, the prediction of agricultural production and scientific planting can be made through cloud computing and data mining of big data. Improving the management level of facility agriculture construction can promote the modernization of agriculture and the development of agricultural production.


Having said that, do you have a further understanding and updated understanding of the smart greenhouse

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