Effective measures of heat preservation in intelligent greenhouse construction

Effective measures of heat preservation in intelligent greenhouse construction

The span distance of the intelligent greenhouse construction plays a very important role in the planting of the late greenhouse.

In addition, there is an internal heat preservation and shade system in the greenhouse. This system is an important part of the greenhouse construction and reference index.

What are the functions of the internal insulation and shade system? Come and find out together.

The impact of span on greenhouse construction production:

First, the span is too large to press the steel frame: the load on the steel frame is too large, and the construction cost is also increased.
Second, too small span is not conducive to the operation: too large arch, to the usual work has brought great difficulty.
Third, the span is too large and easy to snow: the arch degree becomes small when encountering heavy snow, it is easy to snow.
Fourth, span is too large to affect the lighting: less light, intelligent greenhouse after the construction of the temperature will not go up.

greenhouse hot dip galvanized frame structure

The functions of the internal insulation and shade system include the following four points:

First, reflect and shade the sun, can effectively shade the sun, reduce the temperature after the construction of intelligent greenhouse greenhouse. 
Second, to ensure that the indoor fog will not condense, to prevent the phenomenon of dripping water on the inner wall or shed roof.  

Third, effectively block the exchange of heat and external energy, reducing the loss and consumption of energy in the shed. 
Fourth, the shade door is closed, blocking the flow of air between the shed and the outside world, which reduces the evaporation of soil and crops, reduces the number of irrigation, and saves water resources.

tunnel greenhouse with top window

The above is the introduction of intelligent greenhouse construction in the heat preservation of effective measures all content, I hope you have an understanding, we will see you next time.

Post time: Jul-28-2022

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