Growing strawberries in a greenhouse

Strawberry seedlings and planting require substrates with good water retention properties, such as rock wool and coconut bran.

In the nursery stage, the germination temperature is 20-25.

Strawberries like plenty of light, preferably more than half a day a day. A well-ventilated place.

Strawberries are not drought tolerant, brown spots appear on the leaves when they are dry, which will also affect the fruit. Therefore, adequate watering is required. Apply liquid fertilizer once every two weeks, and the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is 5:10:5.

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Therefore, growing strawberries in a greenhouse can deal with these problems well.

1. Some tips on growing strawberries in a greenhouse

          Irrigation with drip irrigation can bring the most benefits to the strawberries in the greenhouse.

Flower bud differentiation requires lower temperature and short daylight. The sunshade net can be covered outside the greenhouse. Artificially create short-day conditions and lower temperatures. Promote the differentiation of apical inflorescence and axillary inflorescence.

Ventilation operation. The soil moisture for the growth of strawberry seedlings should be 70%-80%. The humidity in the shed should be 60%-70%. Therefore, when the temperature in the shed exceeds 30°C, ventilation should be carried out. Another function of greenhouse ventilation is to prevent strawberry powdery mildew.


2. Disease control

2.1. Leaf spot disease

  Leaf spot disease: Also known as snake eye disease, it mainly damages leaves, petioles, fruit stems, tender stems and seeds. Dark purple spots are formed on the leaves, which expand to form nearly circular or oval lesions, with purple-reddish-brown edges, gray-white in the center, slightly rounded, making the entire lesion look like snake eyes, and no small black particles are formed on the lesion.

Control measures: timely remove diseased leaves and old leaves. Use 70% chlorothalonil wettable powder 500 to 700 times liquid at the initial stage of the disease, and spray it after ten days. Or use 70% mancozeb wettable powder and spray 200 grams of water with 75 kilograms per mu.

2.2.Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew: Mainly damages leaves, but also affects flowers, fruits, fruit stems and petioles. The leaf rolls are spoon-shaped. Broken flower buds and petals are purple-red, unable to bloom or fully bloom, the fruit is not enlarged, but elongated; the young fruit loses luster and becomes hard. If the strawberry that is close to maturity is damaged, it will lose its commercial value.

Control measures: focus on spraying Baume 0.3% lime sulfur mixture in and around the disease center plant. After harvesting, the whole garden will cut leaves, spray 70% thiophanate-methyl 1000 times, 50% Teflon 800 times, 30% Teflon 5000 times, etc.

2.3. Gray mold

   Gray mold: It is the main disease after flowering, which can affect flowers, petals, fruits and leaves. Brown spots are formed on the fruits in the swelling stage and gradually expand. Intensive gray mold makes the fruit soft and rotting, which seriously affects the yield.

Control measures: spray 25% carbendazim wettable powder 300 times liquid, 50% gramendazim wettable powder 800 times liquid, 50% baganin 500-700 times liquid, etc. from flower bud to blooming. Root rot: Starting from the lower part of the leaf, the marginal leaf becomes reddish brown, gradually withering upwards, and even withering. The middle of the pillars began to turn dark brown and rot, and the pillars in the center of the roots were red. Control measures: Before transplanting strawberries, use a solution of 40% asparagus green powder 600 times, pour it on the edge surface, then cover the soil and transplant it smoothly to effectively kill the germs in the soil, reduce the roots of the field germs, and reduce the chance of infection.

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