Considerations for designing ventilation for film greenhouses

We know that for vegetable greenhouses, it is necessary to reserve vents when building to ensure that vegetables can be properly regulated in temperature when growing. Usually when we do the film greenhouse cost, we will estimate the materials and cost needed to build the greenhouse as a whole, so how should we design the vent when building? First of all, let's understand the considerations of the design vent of the film greenhouse shed.

Value of Innovation

  (1) shed entrance with a buffer room: the entrance to the construction of the film greenhouse greenhouse, but also a large wind release. In order to protect the crops at the entrance and prevent the cold wind from blowing in, farmers can set up a buffer room at the entrance of the shed. Fix one side of the film on the post of the back wall, then use steel wire or nylon rope from the film and the shed road of equal width, lifting and fixed, both sides of the shed film can be sealed, forming a closed space, when entering the shed, just lift the film at one end of the buffer room to enter.

  (2) Mechanical ventilation: For mechanical ventilation of film greenhouse construction, choose high-powered fans and intake and exhaust double forced ventilation, both of which can increase the amount of ventilation. Ventilation area is actually the area of the ventilation window, the larger the area, the better the ventilation effect. In addition, the ventilation window should be set so that the airflow direction of wind pressure ventilation and thermal pressure ventilation is the same as possible.

greenhouse with ventilation

  (3) set buffer film under the vent: set buffer film under the vent, not only can prevent the film greenhouse shed outside the grass curtain on the weeds, dust, etc. into the shed, but also to avoid the release of wind when the cold air blows directly to the vegetables under the vent. After the installation of buffer film, extend the distance of cold air blowing to the vegetables, and give a period of convection between cold air and hot air in the shed.

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Post time: Nov-01-2022

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