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Organic vegetable growing technology development is difficult, farmers often ignore these 3 elements 
To grow good vegetables should be clear about the advantageous features that organic vegetables have. 
1、Serious research 
At the beginning of the market is certainly not good, this point farmers must be prepared to step up publicity, so that farmers are aware of the advantages and characteristics of this vegetable. 
Only after a deep understanding, can be well planted. Thus enhance the enthusiasm of growers, and further enhance the purchasing power of consumers, for organic vegetable market sales 
Broaden the channel. 



2, Strengthen vegetable publicity 
Promote technological innovation is to do a good job of government agencies and research institutes need to be, in addition to the vigorous promotion of organic vegetables, planting technology for in-depth research and development and investment, so that 
A large number of professionals to actively carry out innovative research on organic vegetable cultivation technology. At the same time should try to apply to government departments, so that they set up a special organic vegetable planting technology 
R & D funds to promote the scientific and technological innovation of R & D personnel. 

                                               vegetable growing greenhouse

3, broaden the channel 
For the education sector, agricultural colleges and universities, also need to set up organic vegetable growing technology courses, from the root to enhance the innovation of organic vegetable growing technicians, but also from the equipment and personnel to promote the development of related industries, the overall improvement of organic vegetable growing technology level and quality.  


tomato greenhouse

tomato greenhouse


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