Chengdu Botanical Gardens Greenhouse Project Case

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The Scientific research greenhouse project of botanical garden is located in Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, This project case mainly adopts multi-span Venlo glass greenhouse.


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    Blackout Greenhouse(Light Deprivation Greenhouse)

    1.Aixiang creates optimal growing environments by designing greenhouses that both harvest full-spectrum growlight and integrate climate control systems to ensure the highest yields and the highest quality, at the lowest operating costs.

    2.We have currently partnered with several commercial light growing producers to develop a customized lighting solution for various strains of plants, including LED lights as well as High Pressure Sodium lights and Metal Halide lights. We combine this with our light deprivation technology to ensure your plants crop gets the precise amount of light it requires for optimal crop growth.

    3.Light-deprivation greenhouses are requiring immense heating and cooling to retain a stable temperature for healthy plant growth. We specialize in high-performance, insulated greenhouses to reduce energy usage and grow year-round. Our greenhouse kits result in a sustainable, naturally abundant environment with lower operational costs and increased production.

    Greenhouse Parameters

    Material Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel with zinc coated 275gsm
    Advantage High and even light transmission, Long lifetime and high intensity
    Strong corrosion resistance and fire resistance
    Good thermal insulation performace.
    Modern and elegant design
    Wind load 0.5KN/m2
    Snow load 0.35KN/m2
    Max.discharge water ability 120mm/h(5 minutes per time)
    Greenhouse in usual load ability greenhouse in usual load ability
    Greenhouse covering Roof-4,5.6,8,10mm single layer tempered glass
    4-side surrounding: 4m+9A+4,5+6A+5 hollow glass
    Greenhouse use span length 9.6m/10.8m/12m
    Greenhouse use eaves height 2.5m-7m

    About AX Blackout Greenhouse

    Blackout greenhouses, on the basis of traditional greenhouses, highlight a classification of greenhouse light deprivation functions.
    On the basis of tunnel greenhouse, PC greenhouse and glass greenhouse, adding a internal shading system is the simplest blackout greenhouse.
    For example, the covering material of the tunnel greenhouse is changed to black film, which becomes a blackout greenhouse.
    The advantage of this greenhouse is that the cost is very low, but the disadvantage is that it cannot avoid rain when ventilation or natural light is needed.
    Therefore, in order to make the function of the greenhouse more perfect.
    Blackout greenhouse is the main method of adding internal shading system to the greenhouse.
    At the same time, we will also add grow light system, heating system, ventilation and cooling system, carbon dioxide generator, air circulation system, etc.,
    In order to make the plant growth environment more controllable.

    On the premise of meeting planting needs. We have accumulated data on greenhouse structure. At the same time, under the control of the greenhouse environment, we have also accumulated plant growth data.


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    Frame Structure Materials

    High quality hot-dip galvanized steel structure, Zinc-coating 275 g/m2, service life over 20 years.

    All steel materials are field-assembled, no secondary processing required.

    The galvanized connectors and fasteners are not rusted for 20 years.

    Blackout greenhouse33_副本

    covering materials12

    Covering Materials

    The covering material depends on the structural basis of the blackout greenhouse.
    Tunnel blackout greenhouse-covering material: Film, PC Board
    Venlo Greenhouse-Covering Material: Glass, PC Board

    About Glass Material

    Feature:dust-proof,high light transmittance,good insulation performance,Anti-fog drop,long life span

    Thickness:Tempered glass:5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm.etc,//Hollow glass:5mm+8+5mm,5mm+12+5mm,6mm+6+6mm,6mm+12+6mm,etc.


    Temperature range:From -40℃ to -60℃

    About Polycarbonate panel

    High transparency,
    Strong stretchability,
    Good insulation performance,
    Dust-proof and fog-proof,
    long life,
    Strong aesthetics

    About Black Film

    Thickness:0.13 mm
    Shading rate:100% shading
    Tensile Strength(Vertical and horizontal):35MPa/35MPa
    Elongation at break(Vertical and horizontal):800%/1000%
    Right angle tear strength(Vertical and horizontal):100kN/m/110kN/m
    Scope of application:Cannabis/meshroom/Animal husbandry
    Warranty:5 years


    Optional Systems

    Cooling System: Cooling Pad

    The cooling of greenhouse is achieved by the principle of evaporation and cooling of water. The special made cooling pad can ensure that the water evenly wets the entire cooling pad wall. When the air penetrates the cooling pad medium, it exchanges heat with the water vapor on the surface of the cooling pad to achieve humidification and cooling of the air.

    Cooling system: Exhaust Fan

    Size: 1380x1380x400m

    Power: 1100 w

    Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, PH1

    Air volume: 44000 m3/h

    Noise 60 decibels

    Hot-dip galvanized steel frame, stainless steel fan blade

    Ventilation system

    The ventilation system is mainly used for gas exchange inside and outside the greenhouse. In order to achieve the purpose of adjusting the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration inside the greenhouse.
    Side ventilation or top ventilation system can be selected according to your planting requirements.
    One is a manual ventilation system and the other is an electric ventilation system.

    Internal Shading System

    Anti-fog and anti-drip

    Energy-saving and insulation

    Water conservation

    The curtains are divided into two types, ventilated and insulated. Different types and shading rate of curtains are used as needed. In order to increase the insulation effect in the greenhouse, double inside shading nets can be used.
    Blackout greenhouse128_副本

    External Shading System

    The main function of the system is to cool and shade in the summer, so that the sunlight diffuses into the greenhouse to ensure that the crop is protected from glare of the sun. Anti-UV, anti-hail, reducing damage to the top of the greenhouse.

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