Adjustable Greenhouse Rolling Benches Ebb And Flow Table

Short Description:

The ebb&flow rolling table is an advanced irrigation method for bottom water supply designed for potted plant nutrient solution cultivation or container seedling and soilless culture. This method utilizes the principle

of drop to achieve timed water supply and fertilization. A large number of experimental studies have shown that the growth of crops using flow&ebb irrigation is significantly better than that of manual irrigation, which

not only reduces the occurrence of gangrene and wrinkles, but also reduces water consumption by 33% and improves water use efficiency. Up to 40%. Since there is no shower effect in flow&ebb irrigation, it can

reduce nitrogen use by 30% to 35% and improve nitrogen utilization efficiency.

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Ebb&flow rolling Table




Width 4ft, 5ft,5.58ft,5.84ft,3ft,5.41ft
Length Can be customized
Tray height 3cm/7/5cm/12.5cm/20cm
Support Height 70cm
Aluminum alloy frame height 10.5 cm
Screw adjustment bracket
hot galvanized roller 48cm diameter
Panel material ABS, panel height 5.3 cm inside, 7 cm outside
Standard load bearing: 50KG/M²
Including the valve



1. It can move left and right (movable 0.6m), and the height can be fine-adjusted (adjustable by 10 cm);

2. Anti-turning limit equipment to prevent skew caused by emphasis;

3. The maximum load capacity is 50kg/㎡;

4. Full hot-dip galvanizing process, durable;

5. The life span can reach 15-20 years;

6. Reduce irrigation waste, recycle and reuse;

7. Easy to install;

8. The system structure is reasonable;

9. Less maintenance;

10. High ground utilization rate


rolling benches1
rolling benches

Working Principle:

Hydroponic ebb and flow trays uses pumps and a large water reservoir to periodically flood the plant roots with nutrients and water. An easy method is using a large plastic tote to contain the nutrient solution with the plants sitting in a deep tray on top of the lid. The nutrient solution is pumped into the tray from the reservoir below, and then is allowed to drain back into the reservoir.

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